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KOL Pulse AI: No More X (Twitter) Noise. Just Healthcare Insights.

Identify Key Opinion Leaders, Curate Their Discussions, Create and Share Microsites, Use Artificial Intelligence to Gather Insights
KOL List

KOL Pulse AI

Identify the Key Opinion Leaders by Harnessing Open Source Intelligence

KOL Pulse uses Open Source Data to help you identify the Key Opinion Leaders across Medical Specialties. Using Pharma and Medical Industry payments, you can quickly discover Key Opinion Leaders from their industry relationships. Social Media (X) insights help you understand the social networks that exist within these Expert Communities

Curate, Organize, and Analyze KOL Discussions

KOL Pulse AI Turns Your Browser into a Virtual MedEd Agency

Finally, there is a bookmarking tool created for the intricacies of healthcare discussions! KOL Pulse AI integrates with your Google Chrome Browser for effective bookmarking of Tweets and Web content. Curate data to a Topic, KOL profile, or even Medical Conference Social Listening Report. Use OpenAI integration to prompt AI for additional insights or to support sentiment analysis, tweet formatting, or blog development.

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Bring Transparency to Web Browsing

Check the Qualifications and Conflicts of KOLs through your browser

Your X stream has just gotten an immediate upgrade! With the KOL Pulse AI Chrome Extension, you can quickly check the credentials of a KOL's X profile. Also, are you concerned about Conflicts of Interest? The KOL Pulse AI browser extension provides you with an overview of a KOL's financial relationships with the Pharma and Medical industries. 

What Can I Do with KOL Pulse AI?

Curation of Healthcare Data just took a Quantum Leap with KOL Pulse AI. Join the AI Revolution with the Tool that Empowers the Healthcare Community

Bookmark Tweets

Use the KOL Pulse AI Chrome Extension to Bookmark and Tag important Tweets and web content. You can also import and organize your X Bookmarks with a simple import function. Organize by KOL, Medical Conference, or topic

KOL Discovery and List Building

Create Custom Lists of KOLs through your web browsing, curated tweets or even from user generated lists. Use the KOL Pulse Database tool to query industry relationships with KOLs across specialties. Filter to identify Digital KOLs and build your list!

KOL Digital Profiles

Check the Credentials and Conflicts of Interest of KOLs on X with the Chrome Extension. Bookmark Tweets and web content to KOL profiles for additional insights into Digital KOL activities. KOLs can curate their own public profiles. 

Artificial Intelligence

The KOL Pulse AI tool integrates with OpenAI to allow you to chat with your curated data. Develop your own prompts to learn from the curated Tweets of KOLs. Simple CSV export allows you to integrate with the AI tools of your choice such as Claude AI, Perplexity, or Bard.

Social Reporting

Build professional social listening reports on key topics and Medical Conferences. Identify Most Engaging KOLs, top tweets, and sentiment. Help users find relevant conversations on Clinical Trials. Share with your community!

Integration and API

Export KOL Lists and Tweets to csv files for market segmentation, external research, or integration with tools such as Google Sheets, HubSpot, and Salesforce. API and custom integration are available for Enterprise Accounts.

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"The influence of Twitter in healthcare conversations cannot be overstated. It has empowered KOLs to disseminate knowledge, challenge prevailing norms, and shape the future of healthcare through open and transparent discussions"

Source | Chang, Park, et al

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up?

Just  join the KOL Pulse Beta User Group

Can I get a demo?

Just Book a Demo here.

What are the Data Sources?

KOL Pulse uses Open AI and Open data to keep the costs down and deliver a powerful Intelligence tool to your team. Open Payments, Social Media, and the Open web are the primary sources of the KOL Pulse AI Sales Intelligence Tool.

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