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KOL Pulse AI for Sales Operations Experts

Open Source Tools for Sales Operations

KOL Pulse AI Provides Sales Ops with Open Source Data Suite

Sales Operations experts are the first line of support to the field sales teams. These professionals have access to many data sets that may provide insights to their sales leadership colleagues. However, the legacy SAAS systems provide minimal access to social media insights in real-time. The KOL Pulse AI platform allows Sales Operations Professionals to not only monitor social relationships and discussions, but also to extract these data to CSV files for enhanced data analysis and integration with other data sets.  The KOL Pulse AI data are clean, with no duplicates, and all tied to the NPI number of a health care professionals.
Sales Operation Expert

Sales Ops and KOL Management

KOL Pulse AI Helps Sales Ops Level Up in Digital KOL Management

Legacy data feeds and stale CRM systems provide little support to Sales Ops leaders with regards to KOL conversations from Medical Meetings. Whether Sales Ops Experrts are managing territory designs, field targeting, or speaker bureau operations, the Digital Key Opinion Leader data set should not be ignored. With KOL Pulse AI, the Sales Operations experts can now have a key insight into the powerful social conversations and social graphs that exist within the sales territories that they support. 


Data Integration for Sales Operations

Integrate Real-Time Social Insights with Stale SAAS Systems

Without access to KOL Pulse AI, most Sales Operations experts are flying blind. Data Sources that ignore real-time KOL social conversations are not adding value in this socially connected healthcare environment. The KOL Pulse AI application may be integrated with legacy SAAS systems through our Application Programming Interface (API).



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