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KOL Pulse AI for Biotech Startups

Identify Key Researchers

KOL Pulse AI Helps Biotech Startups Identify Key Researchers

Early Stage Biotech companies need to focus their efforts on Research and Development. Oftentimes, BiotechStartups don't have access to the expensive SAAS products that major Pharma companies use to identify influencers within the research community. With KOL Pulse AI, your early stage Biotech can deploy a powerful tool for KOL Management for a f4action of the cost of a a major Pharma CRM SAAS product. KOL Pulse AI has the tools for discovery of top influencers from Medical Meetings, identification of major pharma research funding, and social influence within the physicians' specialty. 

Biotech Researcher

Monitor Key Research Trends

KOL Pulse AI Allows Biotech Startups to Monitor KOL Social Conversations on Early Stage Research

With limited budgets, Biotech Startups can't afford to send armies of key employees to every relevant medical meeting.  However, KOLs on X often share the key slides and conclusions with their followers. Biotech Startups can use the KOL Pulse AI tool to monitor these KOL conversations on key topics and develop an image library of presentation slides with conclusions, results, etc. KOL Pulse AI is an excellent tool to help a Biotech startup leverage social media and open source data to build an impressive knowledge bank of competitive intelligence.

Monitor KOL social conversations

Build an Influence Social Graph

KOL Pulse AI Helps Biotech Startups Curate a Social Influence Graph

KOL Mapping is easy with the KOL Pulse AI tool. Each Tweet serves as a data element to curate the social graph of the influencers across medicine. Early stage research has a dynamic social network taking shape through important medical conferences and the social conversations of these data. With KOL Pulse AI, early stage biotechs can map these influence networks in real time. Just identify the key Medical Conferences, Curate the Key Social Conversations, and Use the Social Graph data to discover the influencers and their network participants in the targeted sectors of key medical research.

Curate Social Network for Biotech

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