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KOL Pulse AI for Medical Science Liaisons

Medical Science Liaison Software

KOL Pulse AI Makes MSLs Better at Their Jobs

Few employees in Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device have more scientific communications with Key Opinon Leaders than Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs). This is a challenging role where MSLs need to optimize personal relationships while quickly processing clinical trial data at medical conferences. The social media  communications of KOLs are now an important aspect of the MSL knowledge base. KOL Pulse AI allows MSLs to organize their knowledge base of the KOL community within their browser. MSLs can now use KOL Pulse AI to collaborate at Medical Conferences at record speed, keeping KOL social insights at their fingertips.


Manage KOL Relationships

KOL Pulse AI Empowers MSLs with Social Insights

At Medical Conferences the face to face discussions with KOLs are the most important interactions for the MSL community. In the dynamic environment of a conference hall, MSLs need data on demand t prepare them for these important KOL conversations.  With KOL Pulse AI, the MSL community now can curate KOL Social Insights  to prepare the collective team for success. Just search for a given KOL, clinical trial, or institution, and get deep insights for that important encounter with a Key Opinion Leader


Artificial Intelligence Tools for MSLs

KOL Pulse AI Increases MSL Productivity

MSLs are often the front line contacts for their Biotech, Pharma, or Medical Device Teams at Medical Conferences. Managing KOL conversations, new clinical trial data, social media sentiment and internal communications can be overwhelming for MSLs. KOL Pulse AI empowers MSLs with Artificial Intelligence solutions. MSLs can build conference summaries, social listening reports, sentiment analyses, and social graphs with the KOL Pulse Artificial Intelligence tools.


MSLusing AItools

KOL Pulse Social Graph

Social Graph for MSL Conversations

Medical Science Liaisons manage many relationships with Key Opinion Leaders, their support staffs, and institution administrators. The Digital Opinion Leaders also have a social graph of online collaborators, influential social peers, and those that engage with their content on X, YouTube and other platforms. Prior to discussing an important data point from a tweet, or when meeting a KOL for the first time. the Medical Science Liaisons should be empowered the the KOL Pulse AI Social graph data.  



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