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KOL Pulse AI for Medical Recrutiers

Find Influential Physician Specialists

KOL Pulse AI Helps Medical Recruiters Find the Top Physician Influencers

The Medical Recruiting industry is extremely competitive and as physicians become more specialized. Linkedin and other listing tools provide little insight into the education and training of physician specialists.  The KOL Pulse AI tool provides Medical Recruiters with access to data to identify the social networks within these specialized Physician Communities.  KOL Pulse AI provides an exceptional KOL Profile Page with key links to determine a physician's specialty, education, medical training, and even their social influence network. Recruiters can also access a powerful search to understand the influence networks used by Top Pharma and Medical Device manufacturers to recruit for their speaker bureaus, advisory boards, and consultants 

Medical Recrutier

KOL Profile Data

KOL Pulse AI Delivers Powerful Physician Profiles to Medical Recruiters

With KOL Pulse AI, Medical Recruiters gain access to a powerful tool for identifying Key Opinion Leader Physicians for the specialized roles in the Medical Community. KOL profiles include access to multiple social profiles, for a triangulation of data sources. Social Media conversations are also captured to identify the recency of the data feeds. Social Graphs and peer feedback also provide key insights into the complex profile of a physician specialist. Medical Conference speaking roles are also identified further communicating the peer influence physician candidates.

KOL Pulse Profile

Powerful KOL Discovery Tool

Discover Physician Specialists and Staff Through Powerful KOL Search Tool

The KOL Pulse AI tool provides Medical Recruiters with the key customers of Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device Companies.  With an effective search tool, Recruiters can find physicians based on their specialty, state, and even their institution. Are you looking to recruit Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants? KOL Pulse AI also provides access to these profiles of physician extenders. Recruiters can also use KOL Pulse AI to discover the staff members that support physician specialists in their practice.  This is valuable tool for discovering healthcare providers with a specific set of skills and experiences.

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