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KOL Pulse AI for Agencies

Software for KOL Management

KOL Pulse AI is Designed for KOL Listening and Reporting

The KOL Pulse AI application is a must have tool for any agency supporting Pharma or Medical device companies. Curation of Digital content from the KOL community is essential for the success of any Brand. With the KOL Pulse AI tool, your agency can work with a tool that is designed to support your clients, and monitor their important KOLs


Manage Multiple Brands with One Platform

KOL Pulse is Built for Scale

Agency professionals can use the KOL Pulse AI application to create and share specific reports to specific clients. This a game-changing tool for supporting clients with social listening reports during medical conferences, building invitation lists for advisory boards, designing speaker bureaus, or creating segmentation lists for direct marketing efforts. KOL Pulse integrates with the OpenPayments data set, allowing simple NPI match when exporting lists for use with another CRM platform. If your team frequently integrates with KOLs, they need KOL Pulse AI



Open AI Integration

Level Up Your Agency Team with AI Insights

Artificial Intelligence Tools are only as good as the data set they are working with. With KOL Pulse AI, your team can move with the speed of AI as they generate insights from KOL social interactions. Agencies can also extract brand specific social intelligence data into a CSV file for use with another platform such as Anthropic's ClaudeAI, Microsoft's Copilot, or Google's Bard. AI is  moving fast, Equip your agency with the tool to enable their progress.



KOL Pulse Chrome Extension

Integrate KOL Monitoring into Your Team's Workflow

Social Listening and Intelligence shouldn't be occasional reports for your agency. The Pulse of the KOL community should be integrated into the fabric of your agency. With the KOL Pulse Chrome Extension, your agency has an enhanced perspective on every KOL Discussion on X. They can simply engage the Chrome Extension to see the full profile of the KOL discussants. They can quickly understand any competitor relationships, or view the past sentiment of the KOLs tweets on a given topic. Most importantly, they can share insights as they occur within your agency team, enabling excellent service to your Big Pharma or Med Device Clients.



Build Intellectual Capital with Every Curation

Identify the Relevant KOL Social Graphs to Better Advise Your Clients

KOL Pulse AI has a powerful KOL Social Graph tool that builds upon each curation that your team completes. Follow not only the Digital KOLs but also the engagement of those Key Physicians that follow them. Each Tweet has a social graph, each KOL and physician has a social graph. The Agencies that use KOL Pulse AI have a significant advantage over their competitors.


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