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We Build Sales Intelligence Apps for Health Care

Our Sales Intelligence Tools Integrate with Top Platforms
Sales Intelligence for Health care

UpTempo Group has developed Key Opinion Leader Management Applications for $Billion Brands in Pharma. Now we are bringing our expertise to the world. Who may beneift from our Apps?

  • Early Stage Biotech or Med Device
  • Key Opinion Leader 
  • Medical Event Communications
  • Social Media Agency
  • Patient Advocates
KOL Pulse AI

Use Artificial Intelligence to Manage Medical Meeting Social Media

Our KOL Pulse Application uses Artificial Intelligence and Uptempo Group's proprietary algorithms to Optimize Social Monitoring at Medical Meetings. Users can build social media monitoring dashboards on the fly, identifying the most engaging Key Opinion Leaders and the sentiment of the most noteworthy tweets and media. 

The KOL Pulse AI application provides a summary of KOL insights through artificial intelligence and also provides key transparency information regarding KOL conflicts of interest. The application uses a Google Chrome Extension to integrate seamlessly with the Twitter experience.

With KOL Pulse AI, you have the power of an entire social media marketing agency at your fingertips.


KOL Pulse AI
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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Sign Up?

Just  join the KOL Pulse AI Beta Test. It's Free!

Can I get a demo?

Just Book a Demo on this link

What are the Data Sources?

KOL Pulse uses Open AI and Open data to keep the costs down and deliver a powerful Intelligence tool to your team. Open Payments, Social Media, and the Open web are the primary sources of the KOL Pulse AI Sales Intelligence Tool.

"With the reach of Social Media, Key Opinion Leaders are now more important than ever before in Health Care"

Brian Shields
Brian Shields
CEO, UpTempo Group